HamburgerKino Kabaret 2022 Registration

HamburgerKino Kabaret 2022 Registration


Our Lab is located in the Oberhafen-Area near the central station in Hamburg



Fr. 02 sept 20:00: WARM UP
Sa. 03 sept 09:30: ICE BREAKER SESSION + screening 20.00 @ Oberhafen
Su. 04 sept 10:00 Session I
Tue. 06 sept 19:00 Screening @ at Metropolis
We. 07 sept: OFF-DAY (Workshops & BBQ)
Thu. 08 sept 10:00: Session II
Sat 10 sept 20:00: Screening @ Oberhafen



15,- € a day, 105,- € for the whole kabaret, 15,- 45,- 45,- for the respective round.



All members of Hamburgerkino will pay halve the price and only 40,-€ for the whole kabaret.
If you like, you can also become a member of hamburgerkino with this registration, pay 60,-€  / 120,-€ per year and get all the advantages of HamburgerKino.


Terms and Conditions:

there are some rules and an overall spirit you have to commit to, which can be found here:
Terms and Conditions of the Kabaret


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