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Heyho, you are to late!
Thanks for your interest in the 2017 Hamburg KinoKabaret.
We're sorry to inform you that we don't have a place for you at the KinoKabaret because we are fully booked.
We would really like to give everyone the opportunity to participate, but our capacity is limited to 150 participants for various reasons:
• It's impossible for the organisation team to handle any more people. If its too full no one will have any fun, believe us we've tried it.
• Our Kitchen is too small to cook for more than 150 people.
• We can't host more people from abroad (we already have to find accommodation for around 70 people).
We´ll put you on the waiting list and inform you on monday 10.7. if some people had to cancel so that maybe there is a place for you.
Thanks for your understanding!
The HamburgerKino team.

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